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Trainer: Stew Smith, Navy SEAL

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How to Make Time for Working Out
When you are preparing yourself for military service and have a full time job, high school, sports, or college, you may find that you have a difficult time carving out the necessary time to properly prepare yourself for your future training.
When Friends Die Too Young
If you have spent time in the military or any tactical profession for that matter, or love those who do, you have experience burying people who died at an age that many consider way too young.
The Mind and Body Connection
There is very little doubt that our mind and body are connected. The super highway of nerves and a variety of hormones in the endocrine system can positively and negatively affect us.
Reducing Your Blood Pressure
High blood pressure or hypertension is basically a circulatory problem that is an increase in pressure in your veins and arteries.
Can You Quit Smoking?
Are you trying to quit smoking? Have you attempted to start up a workout program but just cannot start a cessation program for smoking?
Stress - Work it Out!
In a fast paced world where the fine line of work and relaxation has been blurred with wireless technology and the development of the home office, workers as well as families have become more and more susceptible to stress-related illnesses.
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Get Special Operations Fit


There are two types of RECON Marines: "Battalion" & "Force" RECON. The training paths for Marines in both RECON units are sim...
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